That's our key measure of success.

Employees tend to value culture, flexibility, opportunities for growth and permanent placement, along with a safe work environment, more highly than compensation alone. At UP, we recognize that retention is critical to everyone’s success and satisfaction. We have every vested interest in keeping our employees happy, loyal, and productive. That’s why we are so diligent about continuing to provide the following services, long after the initial client/candidate engagement:

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • On-site Employee Coordinators directly responsible to their clients and employee groups
  • On-Site Employee Management Services, including access to our in-house Human Resources, Safety and Accounting Departments
  • Performance review
  • Compensation administration
  • Co-employment mitigation
  • EEOC claims management
  • Safety training and post-accident/incident management
  • Annuitant and general payrolling services, including expense reimbursement processing

We are proud of our status as an equal opportunity employer, M/F/D/V.