Professional Employee Management Services

UP's professional employee management model is designed to provide exceptional customer service to you and our employees as well as protect our clients from co-employment exposure.

Professional employee management services include the expertise of our in-house Human Resources, Safety and Accounting professionals. In addition, UP assigns an Account Manager that is directly responsible to you and the UP employee group. The Account Manager is required to understand your culture, learn your processes and respond timely to your routine & unexpected needs.

Our professional employee management services include but are not limited to:

  • General supervisory responsibilities
  • Payroll administration and expense reimbursement
  • Random substance abuse testing
  • Routine on-site safety meetings
  • Compliance safety programs
  • Benefits administration
  • Performance evaluations and counseling
  • Compensation administration
  • EEOC claims management
  • Work related post-accident/incident management

We are proud of our status as an equal opportunity employer, M/F/D/V.